Callooh Callay is the award wininng cocktail bar based in Shoreditch, bubbling with an abundance of character and mystique that readily compliments its unique array of fun and quirky cocktails. We are big fans of Callooh Callay, so we naturally wanted to share their views and opinions with you in our 60 second interview (thx Rebekkah).

Where is the name Callooh Callay derived from?

Callooh Callay’ are words taken from The Jabberwocky, which is a poem in Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll. It’s a fun, nonsensical piece of writing, which we feels fits the bar well.

What in your opinion makes Callooh Callay unique?

Callooh Callay is unique in the way that it encompasses high quality, premium cocktail bars and quick, fun bars too. We feel that we don’t have to compromise the quality of your drinks in order to have quick service or a fun night with good music.

What kind of clientele does Callooh Callay appeal to?

We get a very mixed clientele which we like, as it makes for a more exciting atmosphere. We are an over 21’s venue, so as such all our guests are over 21, but other than that we get people of all ages, professions and backgrounds.

A recent Grandbarleague survey on the top five expectations of people going out were as follows:

A. No queuing at the door (26%)
B. Friendly staff (21%)
C. Location (19%)
D. Meet new people (8%)
E. Good music (8%)

How does Callooh Callay cater to these client expectations?

We get very busy on the weekends and occasionally we have a small queue – it’s the nature of the beast. Our staff are super friendly and efficient without being overbearing, the location couldn’t really be better – a short walk from Old Street station, and within spitting distance of NOLA, Happiness Forgets and night Jar. Our General Manager takes great pride in our playlists, and we’ve played host to the occasional new relationship – a couple of which have ended in marriage.

How does Callooh Callay stay relevant?

We work hard to be innovative, and encourage our bartenders to work on ideas and develop concepts for drinks, menus and events as a team. We have a training programme which involves a different brand coming in and educating our staff once a week – product knowledge is key. There are new bars opening in London all the time, especially in Shoreditch, but we have a solid brand, and we work hard to ensure we’re always ahead of the curve. Personally, I regularly read drink industry magazines and websites to ensure I’m aware of launches and trends – it helps to inform what we’re doing, and to ensure we don’t do anything that’s been done already.

Given the strong branding, do you sell any merchandise? If no, why not?  If yes , how can one purchase Callooh Callay merchandise?

No. You can steal our menus if you wish. We’re busy enough running a bar.

What is your message to the competition?

Keep going. We need the competition to be good – it’s what keeps us striving to be better.

Find it: 65 Rivington St, EC2A 3AY;

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