Ladies and Gentlemen is a fantastic cocktail bar located in a former underground toilet in Kentish Town. We think the name and location are ingenious, so we naturally wanted to share their views and opinions with you in our 60 second interview

Where is the name Ladies and Gentlemen bar derived from?

Once a disused underground Victorian lavatory opposite the Kentish Town Forum venue, the space has undergone an extensive renovation by myself, Situated in Kentish town, a part of London that is fast becoming a foodie and cocktail destination.

What in your opinion makes the Ladies and Gentlemen bar unique?

Ladies and Gentlemen is a neighborhood bar offering the highest quality cocktails based on a menu of homemade liqueurs and syrups, botanicals and herbs. It also has its very own 16-litre copper still capable of producing bespoke spirits on site most notably, our very own Highwayman Gin.

What kind of clientele does Ladies and Gentlemen bar appeal to?

We have everyone from 18 – 70 years old, tinder dates , post gig crowd and of course locals.

How does the Ladies and Gentlemen bar intend to stay relevant?

By catering to consumers but being a bartender and industry hangout we feel we get the news on what is happening.
We also pride ourselves that with our in house spirits we produce ( Highwayman Gin ) 12 bottles of daily we are able to attend Tales of the Cocktail , Imbibe , Paris bar show etc …

Do you sell any merchandise? If no, why not? If yes , how can one purchase Ladies and Gentlemen merchandise?

We currently don’t sell any merchandise , we are only 9 months old , I’m sure we will have something soon.

Tell us more about Vestel Vodka and its relationship if any, with the Ladies and Gentlemen bar

By owning the original Polish craft vodka and Ladies & Gentlemen the relationship is perfect for both companies to learn from each other as we grow.

What is your message to the competition?

Its a bar not a funeral home, have fun with it.

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