Queen of Hoxton as an establishment, is just simply ‘cool’ . Perhaps there are more grandiose words that we could have chosen to describe Queen of Hoxton..but we’ll just stick with ‘cool’.

Away from all the traditional night spots in London that bill themselves as exclusive (translation: expensive), Queen of Hoxton has managed to capture the imagination of Londoners looking for more than just the status quo.  You don’t have to take this from us; if you haven’t been, go and check it out yourself!

The power of social media now allows one to capture all the honest ramblings of Londoners and they just simply love this establishment. It is fun, unpretentious, unique and cutting edge; all the traits that punters are looking for in a ‘cool’ place to hang out.

QOH-smokingracielas-large-7380http://www.grandbarleague.com                    Since the inception of our monthly ( social media indexed) Top 10 London bars list, Queen of Hoxton has featured prominently  and has never been ranked outside the Top 10 list.

Given Queen of Hoxton’s soaring popularity , we thought we would share with you their really interesting views and opinions  in our 60 second interview.  Enjoy!

QOH-smokingracielas-large-7198QOH-smokingracielas-large-7307Where is the name Queen of Hoxton derived from?

Queen of Hoxton was a nickname given to the famous Sara Lane, who managed the Britannia Theatre in the 19th century, and was loved and respected by the people of East London. She was given the nickname because even in the rough and deprived East End no one (not even the police!) could touch her, and at her funeral the streets were so busy, the carriage with the casket couldn’t get down the street!

What in your opinion makes Queen of Hoxton unique?

One of the things I love about Queen of Hoxton is the insane amount of weird and wonderful events that happen week in, week out! From club nights to ukulele jams, drawing games, Gospeloke, and origami… there’s so many things to sink your teeth into, and our customers do it with aplomb.

What kind of clientele does Queen of Hoxton appeal to?

Quite a large range of people are attracted to the rooftop and all the workshops, activities and cultural events that happen throughout the week, but our core returning customers are fun-loving 20-somethings. Basically those who like going to unusual events in cool spaces and drinking while they do so!

A Grandbarleague survey on the top five expectations of people going out were as follows:

  • No queuing at the door (26%)
  • Friendly staff (21%)
  • Location (19%)
  • Meet new people (8%)
  • Good music (8%)

How does Queen of Hoxton cater to these client expectations?

Like any popular venue, we try and reduce queues at the door as much as possible as we want to get people in, drinking and having fun rather than standing out in the cold. So, we’re always working on the way we manage the door and hiring the most efficient staff, but sadly banishing queues completely is almost impossible. Being one of the most popular venues in Shoreditch on the weekends, and the fact we give people the chance to enter for free before 8, 9 or 10pm means we get busy early on.

Our staff and customer service are a huge part of our identity, and as the face of the venue we put a lot of effort into adequate training and creating a positive environment for them to work in. So we pride ourselves on smiley staff, and always respond to feedback if we hear otherwise.

We like our location A LOT. We’re near enough to Shoreditch to benefit from the large amount of walk-up trade, but not too much in the centre of it all that we suffer from the craziness of the streets at the weekend. It means we can also be a destination venue, where people come from far to visit us (rather than just stumbling upon).

With a large programme that doesn’t just include nightlife events, it means there’s plenty of opportunities for people to socialise in the day, during a cocktail masterclass, or while watching a sports day or dog show on the roof – so hopefully all our events excel in this department!

It’s bizarre to us that this comes so low down on this list, as music is such a priority for us! One thing we try and do is offer variety between the ground floor and basement rooms, so people can choose between two different rooms of music.

How does Queen of Hoxton stay relevant?

We know that our customers’ desires are constantly changing, and at the venue we embrace this in the programming. The seasonally changing rooftop, revolving art exhibitions on the walls, and regularly changing cocktails are all part of us trying to keep the content fresh. Saying this, we try not to just pander to new trends, as we have to stay true to what Queen of Hoxton does best.

Given the strong branding, do you sell any merchandise? If no, why not?  If yes , how can one purchase Queen of Hoxton merchandise?

We have in the past sold limited edition tote bags and t-shirts, and on occasion we still give these away as part of competition prizes etc, but we don’t just want to stick our logo everywhere. Come to one of our tie dye workshops on the rooftop in the summer, however, and you’ll get a free Smokin Graciela’s (our summer rooftop concept) T Shirt!

What is your message to the competition?

Come and have a drink with us! We’re always visiting other spaces checking out what venues have to offer and would encourage everyone to do the same.

Find it: 1 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3JX

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